/ah-num-song/ origin - Irish + Greek (n):
  1. soul song, inner wisdom
  2. the expression of your unique purpose, truth, or voice

Being Human – How I’ve Been Navigating Big Change

I thought it would be fun to do a little video today, and to show you all my new office! (Can you tell I’m excited about it?)

I’ve been experiencing a lot of change and transition in my life lately, so it seemed apropos to talk about navigating big change while on this mind-body journey! By that I mean; what do you do when you’re in a big transition and want to use the mind-body tools, but find yourself sometimes feeling totally lost or off track?

Here you go!

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The How of Healing

RelaxIn the last post, I wrote about getting mind and body in sync, and why that feels/heals so good. This week, let’s talk about how!

How do you get the mind and body on the same page? Here are four easy steps to use, right now.

1) Return to the body.

To do this, bring your awareness into your feet. Wiggle your toes. Feel your feet. You can also notice your hands, too. Spend a few moments noticing sensation in your feet or hands. What do you notice? Hot, cold, tingly, sweaty, heavy, light…any sensory words that help you notice are perfect.

2) Listen to the body.

The body is trying to tell us, day in and day out, how to care for it. Spend a moment asking it what it wants right now, and then wait. Listen. What do you hear? Is it asking for water? Food? Rest? Movement? What do you feel? Tension? Relaxation? Creativity? What is the energy it wants to explore right now? Play? Meditation? Doing?

3) Acknowledge the mind.

Listen to what your mind is saying. Is it giving you a zillion reasons why you can’t do what the body wants? Does it have its own agenda for right now? Notice it all. Write it down if you want.

4) Let it all co-exist.

Let yourself know that you need whatever your body wants, and you are aware of what your mind wants. Say this: my body needs ___________ AND my mind says ____________. Don’t fight either side of the issue. Just be in the middle – the observer. Notice that both are equally valid. Neither needs to be discounted or judged. Breathe. From this place of being with the body and the mind, a creative solution to what seem to be opposing needs will arise.

Wait. Be. Notice.

Notice. Wait. Be.

Allowing everything to be heard and in your awareness at the same time ends the war. The an-swer may be a compromise. It may be a wiser solution than you could have imagined. It may be a total surprise. Whatever it is, it comes from a place of wholeness, and you will feel that click of alignment. It feels…good.


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