/ah-num-song/ origin - Irish + Greek (n):
  1. soul song, inner wisdom
  2. the expression of your unique purpose, truth, or voice

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Doing it Right

A Quick Way to De-Stress

Today I coached a client who was struggling with what we coaches call a false dichotomy. This is a war in the mind between to apparently conflicting issues, such as “I have to be a mom OR an entrepreneur.” Or, “I can’t write a book because I have to focus on my clientele.”  This got Read More

Stressed to the Limit?

This morning, I stumbled into my kitchen to cook breakfast, only to remember that there’s nothing in the kitchen. All the cooking utensils, plates, and bowls are scattered throughout my living room right now, and none of the cupboards have doors. The walls are half-painted and the counters are covered in sawdust. I currently can’t Read More

Practice Being Kind – To You

Last week, I wrote about taking the first steps toward self-kindness. It can definitely be a learning curve to practice self-kindness, so this week I’d like to talk about step two: actively creating self-kindness in your mind. Once you start recognizing when you are beating yourself up or judging yourself, you have opened the window Read More

If You Feel Like a Mess, It’s Working

I get emails from clients like the sample below pretty much every week: Agh! I think something is terribly wrong with me! Oh no! I am crying a lot! I feel terrible! What should I do? I can’t live like this! What if I’m never happy again! To which I usually reply something like this: Read More

Let Yourself Off the Hook – 3 Steps to Instant Stress Relief

Self-pressure is my term for the mental expectations you have about yourself that differ from what you really need in this moment. It’s an instant stress-creator. Self-pressure can seem very subtle until you get used to noticing it. For example, I often decide I’m going to work out X number of days in a week, Read More

Breaking the Rules

Let’s say you notice tension in your body – maybe your shoulders are up around your ears, your back is tight, or your pelvic floor muscles are clenched.  Before you even make an effort to relax those areas physically, ask yourself this question: Am I imposing a rule on myself right now? By rule, I Read More

I’m asking you…

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who registered for the free telecourse last week, The Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Less Stress, Less Pain, More Freedom.  It was so much fun to talk live with everyone, and I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from those of you who requested a recording.  Read More