/ah-num-song/ origin - Irish + Greek (n):
  1. soul song, inner wisdom
  2. the expression of your unique purpose, truth, or voice

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Finding Your Inner Healer

In Martha Beck’s book, Finding Your North Star, she discusses the concept of the essential self.  Basically, your essential self is the calm, peaceful, wise you who knows exactly what you need in every moment of your life.  When you feel flashes of intuition, you are hearing the voice of your essential self.  When you Read More


It’s so easy to feel down or depressed when you are dealing with pain or other frustrating symptoms.  Everything seems gray – the days feel difficult, it’s hard to find the fun or joy in life.  Depression feels heavy, and before you know it, you honestly can’t remember how to feel good.  The symptoms seem Read More

Your Identity

I’ve always been a voracious reader, but my experience with vulvodynia opened my eyes to whole new genres of books.  I read books about natural healing, more self-help books than ever, books about spirituality – if it had words in it, I read it!  This was, of course, how I came to discover Martha Beck Read More

It Sounds Good…

I’ve just finished my ten-minute relaxation and am feeling calm and peaceful.  (See yesterday’s post.)  While I was doing my deep breathing, I remembered another piece of the puzzle you might find helpful.  (Have I mentioned that taking ten minutes to focus on the breath and evoke a relaxation response often leads to inspiration as Read More

The Relaxation Response – Why You’ll Love It!

I’ve talked a little about the detrimental affect panic has on your physiological healing, and you are familiar with the unpleasant sensation of living with panic or fear as your primary emotion.  My last post discussed a quick way to escape the panic when it is just too overwhelming.  I’d like to talk today about Read More

How to Stop the Panic Now

Your symptoms are flaring.  You’ve read the previous posts, so you know that panicking will only make your symptoms worse.  You’ve done the Emotion Log and the Thought Log, so you even know some of the thoughts behind the panic you’re feeling right now.  Maybe you’re thinking something like, “This will never end,” or “I’ll Read More

The Thought Log

I would like to tell a little more of my story today, because it just might open a door or two for you.  I’ve written about the Emotion Diagnosis, the Emotion Log, and the breath watching technique, so showing you how I put those three tools together for myself might give you ideas for your Read More

Follow the Flow

Now you know why investigating your emotions can help you heal, and you’ve done some work to find the main culprits.  Negative emotions, besides hindering your healing, just aren’t much fun.  It’s not exactly something you’ve dreamed of – feeling fear, panic, anger, or despair (to name a few of the biggies) on a daily basis.    Read More

The Emotion Log

If you have your list of emotions handy, (see previous blogs) set it in front of you and scan through it again.  What is your diagnosis?  Fear?  Anger?  Despair?  Only you can really know, and if you find yourself not quite certain which of these emotions is most prevalent, don’t worry.  It will become clearer Read More

What’s your diagnosis?

If you’ve started or completed your Emotion Diagnosis, (see previous blogs) you might be looking at a long list of emotions ranging from anger to panic to despair to shame.  The thoughts circling in your mind about vulvodynia have probably brought a multitude of emotions with them.  I can remember thinking about the sheer embarrassment Read More

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