/ah-num-song/ origin - Irish + Greek (n):
  1. soul song, inner wisdom
  2. the expression of your unique purpose, truth, or voice

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Pain Relief Tool – Accessing the Body’s Messages

Since this mind-body tool is so visual, I thought I’d share it via video rather than words.  You can do these drawings with either your right or left hand, though using your left hand will sometimes facilitate the process.  (This is because it helps you access the right hemisphere of your brain, the holder of Read More

Kicking off the Tour! A dream comes true…

I first met Jess Ryan because of what some might call coincidence, others might call synchronicity, and I call the answer to a prayer. As a mind-body coach, I wanted to take my work into a new realm; I wanted to combine mind-body coaching with yoga.  Yoga played a big role in my healing process, Read More

Client Interview Series – Getting Out of the “Pain Has a Physical Cause” Rut

Today starts the launch of the Client Interview Series!  I am so excited to share these interviews with all of you, as I think it will be immensely helpful to hear the wisdom and perspective of your fellow travelers on this mind-body healing journey.  Some of the clients I’ve interviewed (and will be interviewing) are Read More

Decoding Pain Series – Love Heals

To read the first post in this series, click here. I’ve spent a few weeks talking about one of the messages your body is trying to send you via pain: nurture yourself instead of push yourself.  Today, I’m going to talk about another request from your body: Love yourself unconditionally. Love is the most connective, Read More

The Messages in Physical Pain

Pain and illness, as you probably already know from reading previous posts, are ways the body sends important information to you.  Think of pain as an email or text from your inner, wise self.  The body is the conduit for all wisdom from your wiser, higher self. Before you get angry at your body for Read More

Laugh and Play your way to Health

When was the last time you laughed – the kind of laugh that makes your stomach sore and your cheeks ache? I had a good laugh yesterday, and the day before, too.  I seek out laughter as much as I seek out play. The two go hand in hand, so in looking for one, I Read More

Don’t Miss the Free Call!

I’ve got two announcements today! (We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming next week.) First – I’ve scheduled a FREE call in October that you won’t want to miss! (More below.) Second – Coaches! Want to be a Mind-Body Coach?  Click Here: Take the Mind-Body Coach Training! FREE CALL DETAILS: Join me on Wednesday, Read More

Welcome to the New Site!

It’s time to celebrate! The new website is finally complete!  Check out the new digs and take a look around! Here’s what I’m excited about: all the new stuff! Let me take you on a tour… In the Online Store, you can easily purchase a variety of helpful products, from the complete Healthy Mind Toolbox Read More

Great June Opportunities!

Hello, everyone!  I’m back to my regular blogging schedule and can’t wait to share the new opportunities coming up this month.  Here’s the skinny: TWO NEW TELECOURSES! These are highly pertinent to your mind-body healing process.  When I was invited by Martha Beck Master Coach Brooke Castillo to give this month’s Self Coaching 101 Call, Read More

The Role of Thinking in Physical Pain

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6oBz_IByZ4] In my recent telecourse, The Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Less Stress, Less Pain, More Freedom, I introduced the Healthy Mind Toolbox.  The toolbox consists of four tool categories: Understanding, Awareness, Focus, and Persistence. The toolbox is my way of organizing the aspects of mind-body healing to make it as easy as possible for Read More

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