Your Main Goal: Be a Successful, Confident Coach

(and hey, why not upgrade that to ridiculously, magically successful, add in a dash of “the woo,” and maybe become an Endorsed Mind-Body Coach?)

  • Tired of constantly thinking about your entrepreneurial business or coaching practice?
  • Wish you could take some down time, actually relax, and trust your inner wisdom?
  • Wish you knew the perfect marketing steps to help you succeed?
  • Tired of wondering if you’re good enough, how you’re going to make money, and worrying about failure?
  • Interested in using mind-body techniques in your coaching practice?

I love training and mentoring coaches!


Being able to teach other coaches how to harness the power of the mind-body connection – not just for themselves, but also for their clients and their practices – is incredibly fun and rewarding!

The mind-body tools and concepts I use with my clients and coaches to help them relieve pain and create health also create much more. They create a deep alignment between mind, body, and soul, from where creativity, inspiration, energy, and success simply flow. Work becomes play, stress becomes fun, and over-efforting becomes ease.

With these tools, I have developed a full Mind-Body Coach Training Program, with an opportunity to become an Endorsed Coach and get listed on my website, write guest blog posts, teach for my training program, and promote classes through my newsletter.

I also mentor coaches, both one-on-one and in small groups. I love working with coaches who are looking for support on coaching issues like finding a niche, trusting your genius, creativity, productivity, soul marketing, and energy & spirituality.

Speaking of spirituality…if you don’t already know, I am very into what I affectionately call “the woo.” That means that I have spent years deepening my spiritual practice, studying with healers and shamans, learning meditation techniques, practicing channeling and energy healing, and learning how to work with Source or Universal energy. This spiritual growth journey was a natural evolution of my healing journey, and now I mentor coaches who are interested in bringing “the woo” into their lives and coaching practices.

I am a firm believer in the practical mix of regular-life, down-to-Earth living, combined with woo magic. These two seemingly disparate worlds do not have to be so at all. You can be grounded, centered, smart, and practical while also bringing “the woo” into your daily life. Want to learn how? Sign up for coaching or keep an eye out for classes on this topic!



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