/ah-num-song/ origin - Irish + Greek (n):
  1. soul song, inner wisdom
  2. the expression of your unique purpose, truth, or voice

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Tension Release Breath – De-Stress Now

Here’s a little holiday help for your mind and body! Since physical tension and emotional stress are inextricably linked, it’s important to utilize both mental and physical stress-relief tools.  Think of the mind and body as having a continual conversation – the mind, if thinking stressful thoughts, tells the body to create a fight or Read More

Less is More…and Equals Less Pain

I’m taking a break in the Decoding Pain series, but much more to come on that in upcoming weeks. Today, I am inspired to talk about doing less and still getting it all done.  Do those two concepts seem competitive instead of complimentary?  Think again! This is one of my favorite topics, which is why Read More

Decoding Pain Series – Love Heals

To read the first post in this series, click here. I’ve spent a few weeks talking about one of the messages your body is trying to send you via pain: nurture yourself instead of push yourself.  Today, I’m going to talk about another request from your body: Love yourself unconditionally. Love is the most connective, Read More

Decoding Pain Series – True Self Nurturing

To read the first post in this series, click here. Are you aware of when and why you are pushing yourself beyond your body’s recommendations?  I used to think I would be pushing myself only if I was, say, training for the Olympics.  Now, I understand I’m pushing myself if I feel tension in my Read More

Decoding Pain Series – Pushing Past your Limits

To read the first post in this series, click here. Can you tell when you’re pushing yourself past your body’s messages?  If you followed the process outlined in last week’s post, Nurturing vs. Pushing, you have the knowledge and tools you need.  Now, you just need a little practice. Staying aware of your body is Read More

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